Themed games (all ages)

The entertainer brings prizes (stickers) for all the children

All the games can be customized upon request


The clown will entertain children with a magic show, puppetry, balloon modelling, face painting, dancing, relay races, parachute games and other fun activities. Expect lots of laughter!


Elsa children’s entertainer

Elsa will entertain the children with Frozen movie themed games and music. We will sing along and dance to Elsa’s favorite song, pin the nose on Olaf, play snow ball games and see Elsa perform Snow magic. Even though she is a frozen queen, no one will get cold during all these exiting games!


Batgirl will train children to be superheroes through fun games like obstacle races, tug of war, learning to walk the tightrope like Robin and more. Everyone will feel like a superhero!


The fairy will bring lots of magic and fun with bubbles, dancing, balloon modelling and arts and crafts.

You can even have a Pamper party with makeup, hair styling and red carpet experience. 


The children will help the Pirate find the lost treasure, meet her parrot, walk the plank and have a sword fight. We will learn to sail a pirate ship!

Train to be a wizard with Professor Tulip. We will be making our own magic wands and learning to do magic with them. We will fight the dementor, make potions, play quidditch and have a wizards duel!


Children will play animal races with Snow White, do arts and crafts and help her find Sneezy the Dwarf’s treasure. There will be lots of dancing, balloon animals, face painting and magic!


Alice children’s entertainer

With Alice the children will follow the white rabbit into Wonderland and try to find the hidden key. They will paint the roses red, do the Dodo bird dance and the Humpty Dumpty race. Just don’t be late to the Mad Hatter’s tea party!


Children will solve puzzles with fun games and obstacles to find a treasure chest full of prizes at the end. Best when you can use multiple rooms in the house or an outside area. Better put your thinking hat on!



We will play games such as The mummy, Zombie race, Monster dance, make potions and don’t forget about the spooky face painting!


This is the time for Egg hunt, Bunny race, “Egg and spoon” race, Sack race and making Easter rabbit masks!


This is the time for festive games, snow ball fight, pin the carrot onto the snowman, Christmas songs and face painting!