Why do we recommend booking 2 entertainers for 20 plus children?

If there are a lot of childrent it will be difficult to pay attention to each child. Two entertainers can do a better job with large groups of children. We want to make sure that each child is happy. (we have a second entertainer) 

Do you have a DBS check and PLI?

Yes, I do.

Children of what age groups do you work with?

From 1 to 15 year olds.

What costume is best for young children?

For young children we recommend the Clown and Fairy costumes.

How much does it cost to hire a children’s entertainer?

The price depends on the amount of children and the amount of hours you are booking the entertainer for. The prices can be viewed here:


Do you work in all parts of London?

Yes. The price includes transport costs within zones 1 to 4. There is an extra travel fee for bookings outside zone 4:
Zone 5-6 £5 , Zone 7-8 £10 , Zone 9 £15

Do you take bookings outside of London?

Yes. There is an extra fee for travel cost and travel time (if it is more than 1,5 hours one way).

Do you do face painting and balloon modeling? Is it included in the price?

Yes. This is included in the price. Face painting takes around 5 minutes per child.

What games do you bring?

The entertainer brings a suitcase full of games, including: magic show, puppet show, treasure hunt, musical games, relay races, arts and crafts, face painting and balloon modeling. You can choose which games you would like or we can choose the perfect games to suit the amount of children and what your child likes. We also have themed games. You can view the games here:


Do the children get prizes?

Yes. The entertainer brings stickers as prizes. All the children get stickers and the birthday boy/ girl are always in the centre of attention.